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Give the gift of reading with a Kobo gift card from Gift Card Exchange.
Kobo is your favourite local bookshop, but perfected. Their mission is to bring the power of reading to your world, believing stories shape who we are, and words can transform the world around us.
Kobo offers one of the world's largest eBookstores, giving passionate readers access to over 5 million of the best titles in books, comics, kids content and magazines via their award winning eReaders, free App and Tablet.
With Kobo, you can go shelf-less with your book collection. The eReaders are designed to be comfortable and convenient, making it the easy way to travel with all of your favourite books without having to carry them around.

Start reading anytime, anywhere in 4 easy steps:
Step 1 Download the free Kobo app at
Step 2 Create your account.
Step 3 Browse books in the Kobo Store, find the one you want and hit Buy Now.
Step 4 Enter your card number. Any remaining card balance is deposited under your account as a Kobo Store credit.

Terms and Conditions: This prepaid e-card is issued by Kobo Inc. and may be redeemed only for products sold on through a Kobo account. Acceptance of the user terms and conditions is required for the redemption and use of this e-card. This gift e-card is not redeemable for cash except when required by law and will not be replaced or refunded if it is lost, stolen or destroyed. Not refundable or exchangeable. This gift e-card does not expire. This gift card cannot be resold, and once redeemed, is not transferable. E-Card is void where prohibited by law. Kobo Inc. reserves the right to change these terms without notice. For more information about this gift e-card and to check its balance, go to ©2014 Kobo Inc. All rights reserved.