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Do you have a friend you want to get a gift but they are really difficult to buy for? Save yourself the stress and get them a gift you can be confident they will love, a Kogan gift card from Gift Card Exchange!
Kogan is one of Australia's leading online shopping destination, home to amazing deals on tech, TV's, fitness, fashion, homewares, travel, outdoor products, tools and more.
A Kogan gift card from Gift Card Exchange is the perfect gift for any friend, colleague, family member and any occasion.

Visit Kogan.com/au/giftcard and follow the simple on-screen instructions.


For full terms and conditions of use, and for any questions about the use of this Gift Card, please visit Kogan.com/au/giftcard

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Redeemable at Kogan.com only. No Change will be given for any unused balance. Where the cost of the purchase exceeds the available balance, the cardholder will be required to pay the difference. The dollar value denoted on this Gift Card includes GST. Kogan will not be liable for lost or stolen Gift Cards or for the unauthorised use of Gift Cards. Cannot be exchanged for cash.

Balance expires 36 months from the date of activation.

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