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Worlds Best Mum

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Worlds Best Mum eGift card details

Celebrating the incredible woman who raised you, calls for an incredible gift! Designed for the woman who makes every day brighter and every moment magical, this gift card lets her spend it however she likes, with over 100 brands to choose from. 

She’s the one who gives the best hugs, always finds that missing sock, and is your biggest supporter. She’s the CEO of the household, your personal chauffeur and best friend all rolled into one - basically a superhero in disguise. 

Shower your Mum with a gift that is tailored to spoil her the way she deserves! This gift lets her enjoy experiences such as a luxurious spa treatment, splurge on a shopping spree, indulge on a gourmet dining experience or book a relaxing weekend away.

The best part is about this Gift Card for Mum, is that she can allocate the money on the gift card to one or multiple brands of her choice. What's better than her being able to redeem her gift card at her favorite store? Being able to redeem it at lots of her favorite stores!

Give Love, Give Hugs, Give Treats with a Gift Card for Mum, that is as fabulous as your Mum!

How it works : 

  1. An invite to accept your Exchange Gift Card will come via text or email.
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  5. Enjoy!

Exchange Card: 

The Exchange Card is a gift card can be redeemed for any of our branded gift cards. It’s a great option for when the purchaser is unsure of the recipient’s tastes and preferences. 

• Once the card is accepted by the recipient, the value of the Exchange Card is credited to the recipient’s account. 

• Credits can be used to purchase any product or service on our platform. 

• The Exchange card value cannot be redeemed for cash. 

Gift Card Delivery: 

You have sole responsibility for the accuracy of the recipient's details or the reproduction of the printable PDF. 

• Please ensure you deliver the gift card to the correct email address or phone number by ensuring the recipient details are correct. 

• You are responsible for the reproduction and delivery of the Printable PDF.  

• The gift card can be claimed by any person who scans the QR code.  

• If an Exchange Card is accepted by another account, GCX (Gift Card Exchange) can’t retrieve your gift card or refund your purchase.  

• However, if you do make a mistake and the gift card has not been accepted, you can Edit the information in ‘My Orders’ and resend the gift.  

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