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Instantly Boost Your Black Friday Savings with Gift Card Discounts

Instantly Boost Your Black Friday Savings with Gift Card Discounts

What if I told you, you could save even more with gift cards before the sales even begin!? 

Well, with Gift Card Exchange, you can! Every year, savvy shoppers like you capitalise on the last Friday of November – marking your calendar and setting reminders for Black Friday because… why pay extra??? So with that in mind, if you like to be in the know and shop smart, you’re going to love this new savings hack! Introducing you to the game-changing gift card strategy called discount stacking!

Want to save on travel? Here’s the Magic of Stacking Gift Card Discounts on Black Friday

Imagine you're longing for a dream vacation package through Webjet, priced at $2,000. On Black Friday, Webjet has a 20% off promotion, which instantly shaves off $400 from your dream holiday's price. But hold on, there's more magic to sprinkle. Suppose you had the foresight to buy a $2,000 Webjet gift card from Gift Card Exchange at a 6% discount, costing you only $1,880. By utilising this card, you've cleverly pocketed $120 before even diving into the Black Friday deals! Now, couple this with the Black Friday savings, and voilà, you've trimmed $520 off your vacation budget!

Let’s break it down:

Original price: $2,000

Black Friday Discount (from Webjet, 20% off): -$400

Gift Card Exchange Discount (6% off): -$120

Total savings: $520 (or 26% off)

Magic, right?


Or Consider an Even Cheekier Gift Card Discount Strategy…

You're aiming to acquire the latest Apple MacBook, priced at $1,500. Instead of heading straight to an Apple store, you're savvy and you know retailers like Harvey Norman or Myer often offer discounts on Apple products during Black Friday. Let's imagine Harvey Norman announces a 15% discount on this MacBook, bringing down the cost by $225. What if you had smartly invested in a $1,500 Harvey Norman or Myer gift card from Gift Card Exchange at a 6% discount, costing you only $1,410? By using this card on Black Friday, you've already saved $90. Combining this with Harvey Norman's Black Friday discount, you're looking at an impressive total savings of $315.

Here's the breakdown:

Original price: $1,500

Black Friday Discount (from Harvey Norman or Myer, 15% off): -$225

Gift Card Exchange Discount (6% off): -$90

Total savings: $315 (or 21% off)

With this strategy, not only do you benefit from Black Friday sales but also amplify your savings by using a discounted gift card. A win-win!


What if you don’t know what you want to buy yet? Choose the Right Gift Card: Specific Brands vs. The Exchange Card

The beauty of Gift Card Exchange is the variety of brand-specific cards we offer and our unique Exchange Card. If you're unsure of what you'll buy come Black Friday, the GCX Card is your magic wand. Purchase a discounted Exchange Card and decide later where you want to spend it. Whether it's Webjet, Amazon, Airbnb, Sephora, or any other brand on our website, the choice remains flexible and entirely up to you.


Prepping for Black Friday Discounts with Gift Card Exchange

Black Friday is not just about the rush and the thrill of snagging the best deal. It’s about strategising, planning, and ensuring you stretch every dollar to its maximum potential. Here’s how to use Gift Card Exchange to its full potential:

Do Your Research:

Identify the brands you're most interested in. Are you looking to splurge on travel, cosmetics, electronics, or fashion? Knowing where you want to spend helps in identifying which gift cards to purchase.

Stack Your Savings:

Get your discounted gift cards in advance. With the deals we offer, they might run out quickly. The earlier you plan, the better.

The Exchange Card:

If you're unsure of where you'll spend, or want to keep your options open, go for the GCX Card. It keeps your choices versatile and lets you decide at the moment.

Combine Deals on Black Friday:

When Black Friday rolls around, shop with your brand-specific discounted gift cards. This way, you're capitalising on both the in-store (or online) sales and the savings you secured by purchasing your gift card at a discount.

In short: Why pay full price?

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